Burnishers FAQs

Q. What is Burnishing?

Burnishing is a smoothing, rubbing or polishing process on a wide variety of materials. Some materials include paper, clay, soft thin metals (such as gold, tin, brass), paper stock for greeting card, materials for scrapbooking and goldleaf.

Q. What material do you use to make your burnishers?

We make all three of our Burnisher Tips out of hardened steel so that you will never form flat spots. Some companies make their burnisher tips out of nickel plated brass that will wear out and loose their spherical shape.

Q. What applications would I use a burnisher for?

Burnishers are used for goldleaf, pottery, creating a raised image on cards, scrapbooking, dry letter transfer, sign making (not harming substrates), film, and more.

Q. What is Embossing?

Embossing is a technique that creates a raised image on cards and scrapbook page using embossing powder, embossing ink pads, and heat. See and feel the added beauty and texture embossing adds to your tags, embellishments, and scrapbook or card layouts. Add an element of class and elegance by embossing you artistic creations. Try embossing titles, frames, brads, background textures, and paper edges.

Q. What is the # 45 Wooden Burnisher and what is it used for?

Our # 45 Wooden Burnisher is a unique tool that on one end, it has a super sharp needdle point and the other end is tapered for smoothing and tucking. It is widely used, but not limited to, vinyl sign making and scrapbooking. The super sharp needle end is used to "weed" the center of vinyl lettering quicly and easily. It can also be used to pierce the vinyl to let air out thus "popping the bubble" and smoothing the air out of the vinyl. In scrapbooking it is used to help start the process of peeling the adhesive away.

Q. Are there any other names that the # 45 is known as?

It is also known as a weeding tool, bubble popper, stylus burnisher, picker and air release tool.