Light Duty Knives FAQs

Q. How do change the blade on a 7SC light duty knife?

To change a blade on the 7SC Craft & Hobby Knife you hold the handle with one hand and twist the knurl to release the blade. Take out the old blade and insert the new one in the 4 jaw chuck. Tighten down the knurl for secure positioning.

Q. What is the difference between Rear Release and a Front Release Knife?

Front (or top) release you need to loosen or tighten the knurl at the top of the handle. When a knife has Rear (our Soft Grip Knives) release you loosen the handle at the bottom of the handle, keeping your fingers away from the blade while loosening or tightening.

Q. I work with my knives to make advertisements with foam core and chip board for hours, and my fingers start to hurt. Is there a knife that can help?

Our soft grip knives, or gripsters, have a rubberized cushioned barrel for greater comfort when working on long projects.

Q. I would like to find a knife to use for my scrapbooking projects. I am concerned about storing the knives safely without damaging the blade. How can I store them?

All of our knives some with a safety cap to protect the blade from being damaged and to make sure that when not in use someone doesn't get cut.

Q. What is chisel blade?

Chisel blades are blades that have a flat, straight edge that is ground on one side. It is used as a scraper. If you put the side of the blade that is not ground flush on the project you are working and push the blade it will scrape or "chisel" the material out are working wirh. Similar to a razor blade but it is smaller and it fits into a handle.

Q. What is the most popular light duty blade?

The most popular light duty blade is our # 7-E, which is the indusrty standard # 11 blade. Its long, sharp point provides a long life for various projects.

Q. What are the dimensions of the shank that fit into light duty knives?

The dimensions of the shank of all light duty blades is .022" by 7/32"

Q. I have an X-acto(R) #1 knife. Do you have a blade that it will fit into?

The X-Acto # 1 knife accepts all of our light duty craft blades.
The X-Acto # 2 knife accepts all of our medium & heavy duty knives
The X-acto # 5 knife accepts all of our medium & heavy duty Blades
The X-act # 7 knife accepts our # 104 blade

Q. I have large hands. Do you have a knife that may work better for me?

Yes, our medium and heavy duty knives provide greater comfort and control for persons with larger hands. Our # 15SC, 14SC, 14-15SC and 104 handles will accommodate greater comfort and control.

Q. I need to hand cut thin plastic. What knife could I potentially use?

We have many knives that are fantastic for cutting thin plastic. It really comes down to preference. Some users perefer the # 7SC aluminum polished handle with the 7-E blade and some users prefer a heavier duty knife like the 14-15SC with the ribbed plastic handle. All of our light, medium and heavy duty blades will get the job done.