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Custom Craft Knives

Grifhold is known for providing high quality custom tools to craftsmen and hobbyists. Customized light duty and medium duty knives are available - used by artists and manufacturers. 

The most popular features inlcude:

  • Light or Medium Duty
  • Custom Handle Length: 2" - 7"
  • Custom Handle Width: 1/4" - 7/16" diameter
  • Cusotm Chuck Inner Diameter
  • Chuck Structure: interchangeable tools or permanently affixed
  • End: single ended tool or double ended tool
  • Please fill out the custom knives quote request
  • Custom Printing on all custom knives including name, address, phone numbers and logos

We will create a tool that meets your specific needs.  The chuck's inner diameter can accomodate a variety of tools including drills, blades, files, needles, diamond tipped etching tools, and erasers.  This chuck can be removeable and interchangeable or it can be permanently affixed. 

Examples of custom knives created by Grifhold include:

  • Tools with fine drills used by hobbyists, dollhouse makers, model boat, car, & plane makers
  • Tools with needles used by sign makers, leather workers, and for paper restoration
  • Tools with diamond topped etching tops for glass etching & engraving

Plotter Blade Insertion&Removal Tool

Double Ended Tool: 7 Knife w/ Spoon Tip

No. 744 Double End Combination Tool

Custom Printing is available on all our custom handles

Include your name, address, phone numbers and logo on your custom knife