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Cutting Foam Circles For Prototypes

Written by Kristin Papia
Director of Sales at Griffin Manufacturing

Recently, a customer called us and asked me about foam cutting tools and specifically cutting foam circles for prototype packaging samples in product boxes.  He needed to cut 6 - 8 inch foam circles out of 1 inch thick foam.  He wanted a circle cutter, but the one he was using couldn't do the job. 

During our discussion, I suggested that he use the #108 Yardstick Compass.  It has a point at one end and lead at the other.  The #108 yardstick compass is commonly used for drawing and tracing circles. (Scrapbook creators and Amish-style quilt makers use this tool a lot.) 

I explained to our customer that he can remove the lead on the #108 and replace it with a 7E knife blade.  He can draw the circle, replace the lead with a blade, and cut the circle.  Or rather than tracing the circle and cutting it out as a second step, he can complete it in one step with the 7E blade.  This customer wanted to make sure he could vary the size of the circles, which is not a problem.  This yardstick compass can make circles up to 71 inches across. He was happy with the suggestion and tried the #108 Yardstick with the 7E blade.  We are happy to help you find a solution for your cutting need.


#108 Yardstick Compass can draw as well as cut foam circles. It is a great foam cutting tool.