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Industry Application - Vinyl Sign Making / Vehicle Wrapping


The advertising industry is optimizing all available space for ads including the sides of vehicles - cars, boats, trucks, vans and more.  Car wrap advertising or branded vehicles or driven media turn a car or RV into a mobile billboard.  Large vinyl sheets are used as decals and placed on vehicles to give a low cost alternative to custom painting on car or truck bodies.

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Popular vehicle choices are the Mini Cooper, Smart ForTwo, Nissan S-Cargo, and Myers Motors NmG. As
the driver cruises the local streets, he becomes a
representative for the brand and can pass out literature and coupons.

Car decals or vinyl car wrappings will change the outside appearance of the vehicle in less time and with greater ease than custom painting.  Removing the vinyl decals or murals is done with much more ease than changing the paint application. 

Grifhold craft tools are designed especially for vehicle wrapping and are used by experts in the field.



Vehicle Wrapping professional using a Griffin No. 7 Craft Knife from Grifhold to finish the vehicle wrap at the USSC Tradeshow 2011

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Tom Ewing at Sign World

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