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Sterile Stainless Steel Medical Equipment

by Kristin Papia

Director of Sales at Griffin Manufacturing

Infection prevention and control are key topics in the medical equipment industry.  Infection prevention includes reusable equipment. Manufacturers and contract manufacturers of medical equipment and parts need:

  • sterile stainless steel within their manufacturing automation line.  Blades and handles that can be sterilized by OEM's and remain sharp and useable is key in a manufacturer's assembly line.

Griffin manufactures knives and blades are used by medical instrument manufacturers because of Griffin's exceptional quality with long lasting blades and handles that can be sterilized by OEMs.

We are fortunate that my husband Gary's recent surgery went smoothly.  If any bacteria were present in the air, the medicine and Gary's immune system fought against it.  Infection control in the surgical instrument field is a hot topic these days.  Articles and postings on surgeries ending with terrible infections are all over the Internet. 

Teleflex is a company that manufactures custom-configured instruments and medical devices.  Teleflex announced their focus on innovations for infection prevention.  Medical tubing and instrument manufacturers as well as hospitals have huge responsibilities to keep ahead of infection and disease. 

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