Pin Vise & Weeding Tools FAQs

Q. What is a Pin Vise?

A Grifhold Pin Vise is a hand held tool that that has a four jaw chuck that securly holds in place a hardened steel precision ground pin.

Q. What would I use a Pin Vise for?

Our Grifhold Pin Vise is used for piercing, perforating lifting, weeding and scribing a variety of materials. It is alo used to securly hold small drills and files for a variety of applications including but not limited to doll house making, ceramics, port hole cleaning, jewlrey making, drilling in soft woods and vinyl signmaking.

Q. Are there any other features or uses for the Pin Vise?

The versitility of Grifhold Pin Vise also make them adaptable for use with all of our light duty blades, and all industry standard light duty blades, a feature not available in most fixed Pin Vises.

Q. Are your points sharp enough for air release in vinyl sign applications?

Our Grifhold points are made of high carbon steel and precision ground to the finest point that will assist in air release, perforating piercing or bubble popping in vinyl sign applications.

Q. What is the difference between the Pin Vise and Weeding Tool?

The Pin Vise has a polished aluminum tapered handle and the 600 Series Soft Grip Weeding Tools have a rubberized cushioned handle that come in assorted colors. Both handles accept not only our points but all light duty blades. Both tools are an excellent accesory for "weeding" or lifting of letters in vinyl applications and air release, also known as bubble popping.