Pounce Wheels FAQs

Q. What is a pounce wheel?

A pounce wheel has many uses but is primarily used to transfer drawings and to simulate rivets on models. The head can lock for straight work or can swivel to easily follow arcs, circles and patterns. Pounce Wheels are also refered to as pattern wheels or dart wheels. Please note that pattern wheels and dart wheels are not as sharp as real pounce wheels.

Q. What are the wheels made of?

All of our Pounce Wheels are made of high carbon steel. Each tooth is individually cut and hardened then ground to ensure a long life.

Q. What is a pounce wheel used for?

Pounce wheels have many uses in many industries. Some examples are: vinyl sign industry, neon sign industry, automotive detailing industry, woodworking, model ship building, quilting, and probably the most unique; making braile for the visually impaired.

Q. What is the most popular pounce wheel?

Our most popular pounce wheel is our No. 12 pounce wheel. The diameter of the wheel is 7/16" and larger than all of the others. It features 15 teeth per inch and beveled to the center. It seems to be the most popular because of the size of the wheel and easiest to work with.

Q. Why would someone buy the No. 11 pounce wheel that is beveled to the right?

Our No. 11 pounce wheel is similar the the # 10 pounce wheel but is ground to the right to make it easierr to follow a straight edge ruler accurately.