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No. 14 Plastic Heavy Duty Grip Knife with Blade

No. 14 Plastic Heavy Duty Grip Knife with Blade

$ 4.25


This knife is 7/16" diameter aluminum holder permanantly attached to a 3/4" ribbed plastic handle. This knife features our Grifhold original 4 jaw chuck for greater holding power. Includes one 8-B blade and a plastic safety cap for your protection. Great for all hobby, craft, industrial projects, with precision cutting of plastic, wood, paper, cloth and film. This Knife has many industrial applications. It is used extensively for trimming flash in the plastic injection molding process.

The large selection of available blades makes this an invaluable tool for injection supply. Also used in the chip board, corregated cardboard, automotive, aircraft, rubber, and rubber hose industry. Accepts the following blades:  # 15-A, 15-C, 15-D, 15-E, 15-F, 15-G, and the 15-H Blades  

  • Compare to Exacto # 5 knife
  • Plastic ribbed handle makes for greater control when trimming
  • Accepts all industry standard blades for # 2 and 5 and 6 knives

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