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No. 47 Sketching and Cartooning Pen Holder With Nib

No. 47 Sketching and Cartooning Pen Holder With Nib

$ 5.95


Our polished tapered Sketching and Cartooning pen has an aluminum handle that is 3/16" in diameter and 5 3/4" in length. This sketching pen holder comes with one Gillott 2788 mapping nib. Gillott Mapping Pens are designed for ink sketching, mapping, cartooning, engraving, drawing and fine writing.

  • The Mapping nib is has tubular shaft
  • The nib drops down all the way in the head to protect from damage
  • Circular Nib slightly larger than the Gillott 850 and more flexible
  • Perfectly balanced

READ Recommendations from Experienced Cartoonists
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Hi Kristin, Thank you for providing this great product...  (I use it ) for comic book inking.  I also use it for fine art sketching. There was a recent Journal entry from an established comic book inker Tim Townsend (on, and he recommended the product ...your site was the only one that carried it.  I have been using the plastic ones that really hurt my hand after a few hours of inking. So the metal ones seem much more comfortable and balanced.  I think this is a great example of how artists influence artists.  All done online!  CRAZY! Best, Han

Kristin. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I'm absolutely thrilled to hear my journal entry drummed up some new business for you! I can't imagine working without the #47 and I'm sure those who try them out will be just as impressed. Thank you also for the gift! I can't wait to see it and try it out!  If I can ever be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to ask. I'm all about supporting our community and mutual interests.
All the best! -TiM-

Every Grifhold tool is designed to perform its assigned task better than any other tool you can buy.  Every tool is made from the finest materials and finished not only to achieve tight tolerances, but also to satisfy the skilled craftman who use and trust them everyday.  Ourselves included.   

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