Scrapbooking and Card Making FAQs

All of our Grifhold hand tools will allow you to create beautiful memories with your pictures for scapbooking or cardmaking. Our knives allow you to express your creativity with freehand cutting with precise cuts whether you use a swivel knife or fixed blade knife. If you need the perfect tool to pick up tiny or delicate embilishments, our tweezers are for you.

Q. What knife would you recommend for cutting stencils?

We recommend our # 24 Stencil Knife that comes with the 7-B blade or our # 6 Stencil Cutting Knifethat come with the 6-B blade. Both blades have a very fine cutting edge that allows you trace small stencils. If you are looking for a very fine blade that will swivel without locking for straight work, we recommend our # 114 Swivel Knife.

Q. I like to draw objects freehand then cut my artwork around my pictures and the background paper. Sometimes straight cuts and sometimes circular and curved shapes. Do you have a knife that will do both?

We always recommend our # 7-E Blade (Industry Standard # 11 blade) because it is our most popular craft blade. For cutting curves and straight lines, we recomment our # 113 knife. This knife not only swivels but the blade will lock for straight cutting also.

Q. Sometimes I have trouble getting the adhesive backing off custom stickers for decorating my scrapbook pics. Do you have a tool that can help separate the adhesive backing on stickers?

We recommend our # 45 Wooden Stylus Burnisher. It is an inexpensive tool and will help with two jobs in one. The needle pointed end will separate the adhesive backing quickly and easily, and the other end will help smooth the adhesive to your scrapbooking or cardmaking project.

Q. I like to use dry letter transfer sheets for my scrapbooking. Do you have a tool for that?

Our # 41 Burnisher Tool Set has always been used for a variety of uses especially for dry letter transfer. This scrapbooking/Card Making tool comes with 3 tips and all tips have great purposes. The 1/16 and 1/8 inch tip is great for making creases for card making; and the spoon tip is the perfect tool for dry letter transfer. This embossing tool not only facilitates the foremetioned projects but it will also accept all of our # 7 Series Blades that will double as your perfect craft knife.

Q. I like to use the precut punching tools for my scrabooking borders and letters and sometimes the punch does not cut out the entire hole. What do you recommend?

Our # 44 Pin Vise is specifically designed to weed out the center of letters and art. For the smallest of "holes" or "letters" this is the perfect tool. Our points are made of high carbon steel that will never dull.