Swivel Knives FAQs

Q. What is a swifel knife?

A swivel knife is a hobby and craft knife that has a blade that rotates 360 degrees for cutting cirlcles and arcs.

Q. Which swivel knife would you recommend for cutting very small stencils?

For extremely fine stencil cutting, we recommend the # 114 Craft Swivel Knife. The blade is attached to a tephlon assembly that allows is to roatate freely and effortlessly, when cutting of all vinyls, papers, fabric and plastics.

Q. What is the difference between the 113 and the 114 Craft Swivel Knives?

The 113 Craft Swivel Knife has a larger blade and it allows you to tighten the knurl to lock for cutting straight lines. The 114 Craft Swivel Knife has a very fine blade that does not lock for straight cutting but is better for very small stencil cutting.

Q. What projects would I use a swivel knife for?

Swivel Knives are used in a variety of projects including, but not limited to, scrapbooking, stencils, freehand automotive detailing, vinyl sign applications, and card making.