Videos of Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping Demo

Grifhold blades and tools are used by custom car wrapping prefessional because of their high quality and excellent performance. The 4 videos below show Tom Ewing, owner of Ewing Graphics; working on a vinyl car wrapping project using Grifhold knives and blades.

Tom Ewing, a vinyl sign making and vehicle wrapping professional, discusses the high quality Grifhold blades.

Tom explains how well Grifhold blades work. "...I go through like 1000 blades a week...and we got ahold of these guys (Grifhold) and I use 1/3 of the blades I used to..."

Tom works on a vinyl car wrapping project using a Grifhold No. 7 craft blade. You can see the quality of the blade as it cuts smoothly through the vinyl.

Tom is using a blade and heat gun to cut, press, and seal the vinyl on this vehicle wrapping demonstration.