Vinyl Sign Making FAQs

Our hand tools, knives and blades help sign makers work with precision and speed to complete projects. Our weeding tools allow you to weed letters and objects at a super speed with our points that never dull. Our knives and blades provide greater comfort and control and clean precise cuts when cutting vinyl or film substrates.

Vinyl Sign Making FAQs

Q. What is your most popular tweezer?

Our most popular tweezer is our 1001 Sharp Pointed Tweezer. It is a stainless steel tweezer with a super sharp point for lifting and weeding of vinyl materials. We also include this tweezer in our graphic tool kit which is one of our top sellers.

Q. I use X brand # 11 blades and I have found that when I apply pressure to the blade the tip resembles a "fish hook" and rips my vinyl. What causes this and do your blades do this?

This is most likely caused by a flaw in the hardening process during manufacturing. Our blades are made to the highest specifications and and will never give you a "fish hook" tip. Some competitors import blades from china and thus compromising quality. Our blades are made right here in the U.S.A and we guarantee a quality product.

Q. Are your points sharp enough for air release in vinyl sign applications?

Our Replacement Points are made of high carbon steel that are hardened to 60-62 on the rockwell C scales. It is precision ground to the finest point that will assist in air release, perforating piercing or bubble popping in vinyl sign applications.

Q. Our company is on a budget, do you have an economical air release tool?

Our No. 45 Wooden Stylus Burnisher is the perfect tool. This tool has one end that is tapered for smoothing and the other end has a super sharp needle point for piercing and picking. This tool is priced right and we seel them in many different quantities. We sell them individually, by the 6 pack and by the gross (144). If you are looking for larger quantities please contact us for pricing.

Q. Do you have a combination tool for cutting and weeding vinyl?

Our # 44 Pin Vise Tool and 600 Series Weeding Tool are designed specifically to accept our # 44-P Pins and all of our Light Duty Blades. We designed these tools to accept both pins and blades for our customers to cut down on costs, and still provide a high quality tool that will do the job of two tools.